Friday, June 5, 2015

Track your bicycle trips with BikeTool

If you ride in bicycle races, as a form of exercise of just enjoy a leisurely ride on your bicycle, BikeTool would be worth your investigation. The free and ad-free universal app runs on iOS 6.0 or later and is a trip computer and logger that provides cyclists with all kinds of information to help them as they exercise or compete. Even if you are just riding for fun you can track your trip and find out how far you ride, how fast you went both with average speed and the maximum, if you went uphill and how much of an elevation increase you experienced and see a map showing the path or your journey.

BikeTool utilizes the GPS in your iOS device to compute the trip's statistics. In addition to the ones I mentioned earlier you will find details on lap times if you are riding a circuit, your latitude and longitude, and a live reading on your compass heading.

The app has three taps, GPS, map, and options. On the GPS tab you will find all of the measurements previously mentioned along with some others. You may set a destination if you wish and the app provides you with an estimated time to reach that location based on your current travel speed and plots a course to that destination. One button starts and stops the timer. A single tap gets you started and a second tap pauses the timer if you stop anywhere along the way. Tap again and everything picks up where you paused. A second, reset, button clears your trip and starts everything at zero.

The second tab is for Maps. You can choose a map or satellite image. If you have an Internet connection, the map places a pin for your destination and a red line to mark the progress you are making on your journey. Altitude reports can come either from your device or Google Maps. This is set under the third tab.

That third tab is for Options and is where you configure all the settings you prefer. You can turn the GPS on or off, set the GPS sensitivity, choose between miles and kilometers, and reset the trip and/or the odometer. Remember your battery usage will be impacted by your GPS Sensitivity setting. The higher the sensitivity, the more times the app will check your location and that can fun down your battery.

BikeTool tracks just about everything active cyclists need to measure their progress. But it can also be a fun tool for you and your family if you take evening for weekend rides together.

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