Thursday, April 2, 2015

INNORI Touch Sensitive LGP 16 LED Bulb Input: 5V Twisted Tube Clamp Lamp

Product Features
1: Enlightening your World: This LED Desk Lamp is equipped with 16 LED Bulbs. All these light unites combined are capable of delivering the Color Temperature of 5000-6500K. This lamp provides you flicker free consistent light without the hazard of eye straining. It delivers pure led light with stable color temperature, it does all this to help you avoid sore sightedness.
2: Care for the User: The INNORI Clamp Lamp is not only well received for its lightening capabilities. No, it is praised because of its versatility with wide array of useful features. Useful features such as Cycle Charge LED Lighting and Free Twisted tube. Along with both of these features. This lamp provides you 3 different Lightening Modes.
3: Different Lightening Modes: Speaking proverbially, this is the major advantage of LED over Traditional Lamps. Carrying on with this Practice, the INNORI Led Desk Lamp features 3 different Lightening levels. These different lightening modes are based on a diverse set of brightness settings. These modes are providing for your convenience. You can select these different settings according to the time or your use.
4: Unmatched Versatility: This Lamp features a widened clamp with addition of 3M anti-slip Pad at the very bottom of its base. This makes sure your lamp wont slip from its place. To improve your experience furthermore, this lamp features a silicon wrapped metal goose neck. The neck can be adjusted any way you feel comfy without uttering a sound.
5: Load of Features: This LED Lamp provides you with ambient and non flickering constant lightening. What makes it better than other is this provides an abundance of other useful features. It`s touch sensitive switch makes it to control. The LGP magnifying Light Emitting Areas make sure the light is gentle to your eye. This sleek lamp is callable of keeping your world lighted for 4 hours on battery. Realizing all this, it will be correct to say it`s more than just a Table lamp.
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Product Description:

The INNORI Clamp lamp is more than just a light source, it`s your companion for staying all night long. This LED lamp is capable of lightening your room despite its size. Thanks to its different light mode settings, it can adjust according to your needs. Speaking of usability, thanks to its 16 led bulb, this lamp is a superior source of ambient lightening.   It improves the user experience wherever it can.
This INNORI LED lamp comes with free twisted tube which serves as the neck of it. Users can adjust this neck anyway they feel comfortable. It’s both easy to use and clean. Well the major share of credit goes to its touch sensitive switch. This lamp comes with an anti-slip pad on its bottom to make sure it doesn`t slip. It doesn`t slip from wherever you put it or on to. With its widened Clamp, it makes a touch LED light piece.
This Lamp has implemented the use of LGP. This is a magnifying light emitting area. It helps improving the user experience as it smoothens the light. This feature helps for making the light gentle and fights short sightedness. With all these features embedded together, this light provides no flickering light along with stable color temperature. The color temperature of this device ranges from 5000 to 6500k. This lamp does not only charge your smart phones but also assures their safety with an LED Indicator.
This lamp features a goose neck which is covered in silicon. This provides the user with ultimate flexibility to adjust his lamp as he sees with. To compliment this flexibility. This lamp integrates a touch sensitive control switch. This switch helps you to select between different brightness modes better known as lightening modes. Select each mode according to your use such as reading, relaxing or even in an emergency. The INNORI clamp lamp does all these with no noise.

The different light modes also differentiates the led bulb arrangement. The different modes provided different light settings according to the number and patterns of LED lamps used. This lamp not only provides you with high ambient light, it also provides you with soft lighting designed for comfort. With all these features, you might be under the expression that this lamp is a bulky one. Well sorry to burst your bubble, it is not. Instead, it is elegantly sleek which makes it quite decorative in addition of being useful. Despite your room size or needs, it is a must have!

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