Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why You Need an INNORI LED Desk Lamp

  Many people often think that desk lamps should just be plain and their only function is providing lighting for reading purposes. Not so for INNORI LED desk lamp. While the lamp still provides the basic lighting, it has enhanced features that enable users adjust the lighting system to make the reading process more efficient and even enjoyable.

INNORI LED lamp specifications.
Designed with a 5-level brightness control, INNORI LED lamp comes with four modes of lighting that can be adjusted to various positions depending on a user's needs. To be specific, the lighting can be adjusted to reading, studying, relaxation, and sleeping modes. In addition to its ergonomic design, the lamp comes with an automatic USB charging port for charging electronic devices such as MP3 players and cell phones.

Product Features.

A cost saving LED lighting source.
A 60 minutes Auto-OFF timer function.
Has a USB charging port.
Flicker-free lighting system.
Has 4 distinct lighting modes namely the reading, study, relaxation, and sleeping modes.
Operating temperature range is -10 to 40 degree Celsius.
Corded-electric power source.
Maximum power wattage: 12 watts.
Primary color: white.
Power input:100-240V.
USB Output: 5V / 1000mA.

Pros and limitations.

-INNORI LED desk lamp has a composite lighting mode. This means users have more choices when it comes to selecting their most convenient lighting modes.
-the flicker-free lighting system is ideal for reading and studying even if it's for prolonged durations of time where concentration and eye safety is vital.
-The lamp is easily portable as it only weighs about 3.4 pounds.
-The lamp can conveniently work in a diverse temperature of - 10 to 40 degree Celsius.
-its energy efficient as it consumes about a quarter of what traditional fluorescent desk lamps use.

It's clear that this lamp has many advantages. The lamp may however prove inadequate for charging electronic devices that require lengthy charging since it automatically turns off after an hour.

Who Should use the lamp.
This lamp is definitely a worthy investment in an office setting just as it is ideal in any home.

All in all, LED desk lamp is a wonderful choice if you're looking for a multipurpose lamp. Though it has simplistic design, the lamp meets users health and ergonomic standards.

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